Attach window - selectors

Dear all,
I have a question related to attach window used within browser.
When I attach a window with certain selector/url and then navigate to another web page with different selector/url, do I have to reattach that window again? It seems that it is still working and uipath is able to run, but when I open a selector it shows that it is invalid as the “top” attributes of selector belongs to the previous attached web page.

Hi @mario,

Yes, You have to use attach window if you go to different web page. otherwise it would be hard for the Bot to determine which window it is working on when the respective window is inactive.

Cheers :slight_smile:

If you are inside an Open Browser, then you dont need to attach window or browser, but if you will need to work with another web site, the best is to to in a new open browser outside the first one, BUT if you use full selectors in your activities, that will work as well, but i prefer to use partial selectors always.

hi @mario

The “attach Window” activity has a top-level selector value on the Web. When using the “navigate” activity, the top-level selector value will be changed.
If you create a task in the new attach window, you will operate normally.