Need clarification on attaching a window

Hi All

I have an application where i am performing some ui automation. For different tasks in the application i have created different sequences and calling those sequences using invoke workflow from Main.

For opening the application also i have created a sequence. My question is when the execution will move to other sequences do we need to attach the window every time ?

@kkpatel - Not necessary to attach window every time. Attach window will group all the action under a single window.

I am not keeping all other sequences inside the Do section of the Open Application activity. Still it will work in the same window ?

@Yeah then no need to attach window again.

Hi @kkpatel,

There is a concept of Full Selector and Partial Selector in UiPath.

Now if you use Attach Window activity in your sequence and under that you perform some tasks related to selectors then, all the activities under Attach Window will take partial selectors, which is more helpful than the full selectors. Here if you have to make some changes in selectors basically you have to change the selectors in attach window activity, will consume less time than changing the selectors of all activities under the attach window.

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