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Using classic activities. I am doing open window and placed bunch of clicks there. Shall I be using Attach window instead? Please suggest.

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The “Attach Window” activity in UiPath is designed to target a specific window or application before performing activities within that scope. By using this activity, you ensure that the subsequent actions are focused on the correct window, enhancing the reliability of your automation.

When you use an “Open Browser”, it might not be as precise in targeting the specific window you want to interact with. “Attach Window” allows you to explicitly specify the window you want to work with, reducing the chances of errors in your automation flow.

In your case, since you’ve placed a bunch of clicks in an open window, switching to the “Attach Window” activity can help ensure better reliability and efficiency in your automation process.

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What is the difference if I use attach browser. Vs attach window with open browser.

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The “Attach Browser” activity is used to specify a container for other activities, ensuring they are executed within the context of a specific browser. On the other hand, “Attach Window with Open Browser” is used for attaching to a window and opening a browser within that window.

So, “Attach Browser” is specifically designed for working with web browsers, while “Attach Window with Open Browser” is more generic and can be used for attaching to any window, including ones that may contain a browser. The latter provides the flexibility of working with different types of applications within the specified window.

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