Why do we use "Attach Window"

Why exactly do we use the “Attach Window” activity, I made two of the same process with and without the “Attach Window” activity, and they’re both working fine. What exactly is its purpose? Is it just for readability and best practice? Genuinely curious about this. Thank you very much!

One purpose is that the selector you use in attach gets inherited by all activities within the “attach window”. The same goes for “attach browser”

So if you working with an application which has a dynamic title name, you don’t have to use wildcard/regex for each activity, you just set it once, in the “attach window”.

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Hi @jerusalltimelow,

we used attached window if there multiple screens. let say your are going to do UI automation and when you are doing it there will be a new window to identify that window we used attached windows and we can do the all automation related to that window inside of the window activity

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