Attach window question

Hi, for an application I am automating, I use attach window. And if this parent window opens child windows and when I need to click elements in child windows, do I have to keep attaching each child window that I am working on?

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Ideally you shpuld be unless the child windows are taken as part of the parent window by the selector…

Mostly you might need to attach separately


so I attached parent window. Clicked UI Element. That opens child window. The selector did not take care of it. So does the “child attach window” go inside “parent attach window” or does it go separate?

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Yes you have to Attach to the child windows. Also, you really should be working in modern (ie Use Application/Browser) as it’s far superior to the classic Attach activity.

Depends upon your needs. Both will work. If you want it to automatically go back to working in the parent window when you’re done working in the child window, then put the Attach (child) inside the Attach (parent). If you are done with the parent window once the child window opens, then put the Attach (child) after the Attach (parent).

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