Attach Window in attach window

Is it a good idea to have an attach window in an attach window?

Yeah @zefang, you can add multiple attach window inside attach window. But be alert in Selector handling.

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Hi @zefang,

I think it depends on the scenario really!

If you have multiple windows popping up and you need to work on them; I think it is a good practice to have the ‘attach-window’ to differentiate between the different windows and the activity performed therein.

Be sure to double-check on the selectors for the attach-window and its child activities.


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Hi @zefang
Yes of course we can but we need to be sure when such kind of design must be used in your workflow
As it has both advantage and disadvantage as well
Fine let me tell you an example simply with a notepad
–we use a notepad where we type a text in the editor portion
–hope this is in a attach window
–now we are trying to chane the font and other properties by selecting the format option
–now this format option window is a new active window that comes up to the foreground of screen…and to make any changes inside that window we need to use a attach window…like attach window inside a attach window

So now what is the disadvantage in it…well i would say not a disadvantage but we need to be cautious on this when we design a workflow, that is while being in the inner attach window container, if all the activities in it is executed and we need to get back to behind window, we need to make this behind window an active one, else the bot will not be able to identify the elements in it, so to do that we need to use a click activity to make a click on the back window to make it active, like this, some sort of things must be handled…for sure keep in mind about the partial selectors of the activity within these two attach window activities as well and keep them valid

Hope this would help you
Cheers @zefang