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Hi Guys!

I am giving a refresh to my knowlegde …

I want to automate a register in a Web Site. The step are.

  1. Open the web / I am using Use Application Browser Activity … There is another one better than this?

  2. After that I need select a date in a calendar and then is open another windows.
    Here also I use the same activity but I am guessing this is not the correct one becuase is opening another windows and not using the window that is already open.
    I was trying to find something like attach window … but is not here …

There are others steps …but wondering what activities are better in this scenario …

I am reading also some forum post … if you have any suggestion I will appreciate.

hi @carmen

you can activate the classic experience and get the old activities. And you can go throught the modern experience course as well to get better understanding in the new activities

kindly activate this option:

you will be able to find the classic activities

best regards!

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I think it’s no problem because UseApplication/Browser activity also has same function with classic Attach Browser. If we need to re-use window or browser which is used previous, please use InputElement and OutputElement property. We can use them like UiBrowser property of classic Open/Attach Browser.


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Modern Experience … thats a new concept to me … thanks … I will need to learn that …

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I am trying to understand it … but is less intuitive for me than the previous version … I will need to go through the courses again …thanks for your suggestions

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