How to use "use/app application or browser"

How to use “use/app application or browser” activity but not open a new one but use the existing opened one in browser already


  1. Use the “Attach Browser” activity in UiPath to identify and attach to the existing opened browser or application.

  2. Set the “Browser” or “Application” property of the “Attach Browser” activity to the appropriate selector that matches the existing browser or application window.


btw im using modern not classic one


  1. Drag and drop the “Use Application/Browser” activity onto the canvas.
  2. Set the “Attach To” property of the activity by indicating the existing application or browser window using a selector.


is there any screenshot reference?

Hi @StevenIsRobotOnline

May be this thread might help you.

Hope it helps!!



Hi @StevenIsRobotOnline

In UiPath, you can use the “Attach Browser” or “Attach Window” activity to attach to an existing browser window without opening a new one. This allows you to interact with elements within the already opened browser instance.

  1. Drag and drop the “Attach Browser” activity onto your workflow.
  2. Indicate the browser you want to attach to by clicking on the “Indicate on screen” button and selecting the browser window.

Make sure to set the appropriate selectors for the activities within the “Attach Browser” scope to ensure they interact with the correct elements on the webpage.

Also, be aware that if the webpage undergoes changes, your selectors might need to be updated. Use the UiExplorer tool to inspect elements and generate reliable selectors.

Set Open = Never if you always want to attach to existing instance. You also have the option to use Open = IfNotOpen, but that would open a new instance if it’s not already open.

Hello @StevenIsRobotOnline ,

If you want that the “use/app application or browser” activity not open a new one, you need to change this paremeter to “Never” in the projet config

If you want that the app open only if not aldready open you should use : “If not open”.

This default value will apply every time you use the activity.

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