Attach Window activity issue when indicate on screen

Hi all,

After an Open Application activity trying to open notepad (File Name field: C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe) I put an Attach Window activity and whe I try to indicate on screen notepad.exe app it appears in Selector field. Attach Window activity does not find the correct app.

Can anyone help me please?

Hi! Welcome to the community.
Open Application do not need attach window to work, you can use your activities directly inside it.

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agree with @bcorrea

Workflow attached for reference (open notepad then type into it)

NotePad.xaml (5.5 KB)

Ok, I will use only Open Application Activity, I did it that way (using Attach Windows activity) because in a course in UiPath RPA Academy that is the solution.
Thanks a lot @bcorrea

Thanks @Mr_Meeseeks for the example.

Keep in mind tho, that sometimes an application could at some point open a child window (like a popup), then in that case you could use an attach window inside your open application activity. Happy learning! :slight_smile:

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@Mr_Meeseeks when I execute the project, this message appears:


That would work only when the notepad title is “Untitled”, you can replace the part: title=‘Untitled - Notepad’ with title=’*’

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