How do I get the automation to use my already opened browser tab?

I am trying to automate pulling specific data from a website and putting that into excel in a certain format. The issue that I am having is that the website requires 2-factor authentication. I am already logged into the website and have the tab up on my browser, but when I run my automation it opens a whole new window and wants to log back into the website. Is there any way around this? It was working for me last night (staying logged in), but it is no longer working for me today… PS I am not a programer, I am just using the free trial of the cloud version. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Hi @kaitlyn.f1,

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If you are already logged in use attach browser instead of open browser activity.


My only option seems to be “use browser” I don’t have open or attach. I am on the web version and clicked the studio button. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Hi @kaitlyn.f1

in your close propertie set as IfOpenedByAppBrowser

and in your open propertie set it as IfNotOpen

that way will work as attach browser, and it wont open if it is already opened

I have those settings on and its still trying to open a new tab. I am getting the following error messages - could this be causing it?

are you usign chromium API in your input mode?

Yes - Should I be using something else?

please give a try with simulate method and try again

Still not working and still getting those same messages.