Advance Training assignment2

Hi everyone,

In Assignment2 ,i have created (Dispatcher and Performer) for Generate yearly report for a vendor.

Dispatcher worked Perfectly , coming to Performer i am facing problem in CreateYearlyReport.xaml .
On my execution individually with default inputs its giving perfect result as i expected. When i execute a complete performer its throwing errors in my createYearlyReport.xaml.

  1. upon execution of Download-Report its giving me 2 different “message from webpage” as shown in below screenshots, so i have created a nested If activity to differenciate them using it with onelement appear, and to perform respective tasks

Screenshot (9)

2)on manual testing with my inputs its showing reports available for download, but on testing with Bot it directly throws me information saying" no report found" for every month in that year and continues till it finishes all queue items.

Performer Generate Yearly report for a (2.6 MB)

I am kind of confused to understand why its throwing error mesage after differnciating it too. For better understyanding i am uploding my performer file too.

please help me in this so that i can Submit it ASAP.

I am happy to notify as i have solved error by myself.
Used another “On element appear activity” so that screen can capture further steps as is in the walk through. Thanks for forum too.