Assignment 2 Create Yearly Report problem

I am stuck when I try to run the Performer part of Assignment 2. When the bot logs in and navigates to the work items page, it says unauthorized. I’m struggling to determine exactly what the issue is. Could someone take a look and tell me where I am going wrong? I appreciate your help!.

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Hi Sarverha,

I checked your Performer workflow and it’s working well as expected. So the issue may be with your “Dispatcher workflow”. You are getting an unauthorized page error may be because of an invalid ‘WIID’ navigation. So Please check the ‘orchestrator queue–> View details’ to make sure you are getting a valid ‘WIID’ or print the “WIID” value in a ‘write line’ activity in the ‘Performer’ workflow to verify the same…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Is this what the orchestrator queue should look like after running the dispatcher?

Hi Sarverha,

Hover any Transaction row and click the details button.queue_1

Then check the WIID.

Make sure you are getting the correct WIID.


Please use writeline activity before you navigate the page to read page url and check whether the page url runs manually. Also please share the navigation URL you have defined.

Good practice: not related to present query: Please Clear queue before you run Dispacher.

I figured out I need an .instring after my WIID. Now I am stuck on the Create Yearly Report. The bot gets hung up on the Year drop down.

System1_Create Yearly Report.xaml (27.4 KB)


Try without using “SimulateClick” and “SendWindowMessages” on the click activity.
If it’s not solved, you can use a ‘select Item activity’ with ‘item’ as your year variable and selector,

<html title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report' />
<webctrl id='reportYear' tag='SELECT' />


Looks like the select item works better for me. Would I put “2018” in the item?

Assign year to 2018

Got it. I added a delay because I was getting hung up at the read csv. Now it seems to be getting hung up at the close button. Any ideas on how to fix?

System1_Create Yearly Report.xaml (27.2 KB)

Selectitem is not required

I’m sorry I"m not following. Is the issue in my on element appear?

Between I didn’t see your workflow… I was referring to the screenshot related to Selectitem button and have assigned 2018.

Looks like the provide path is not correct. Please correct the path and try again

Oh…I see. I figured out earlier. Now my issue is down in the close button on “create yearly report” it also isn’t cycling through the months. It logs in, retreives the tax id, goes to the monthly report, pasts it and populates year and january. then logs out.

Close button? Please share the screenshot

my xaml file is a few lines above