Assignment 2 Generate Yearly Report

hi, i’m doing level 3 assignment 2, in performer workflow (create yearly report) it shows following error:

here is my workflow, System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (38.1 KB)

You should try to solve the problems / error on your own.
I think you do the training to become a RPA-Developer, so you should also train your skills in finding and resolve problems in RPA-Programms.
Use debug mode and breakpoints.
Check if the file is proper stored on the correct location.

change the selector of the attach browser to a wildcard

Here there are two issues one is with the file path, in the path you have provided there is no CSV with that particular name, and the other one is selector issues, Check the path before you provide and change the selectors to dynamic selector…

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Do not use Simulate type for the Typeinto activity for typing the csv file path in save as dialog box. I faced the same issue and i solved it. :slight_smile:


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