Assignment no. 2 Level 3 saving the CSV name

You want to save the file as Excel ?

If yes :
In the type into activity of file name : update .csv with .xlsx


You want to save it with different name ?

Use the same type into and update the Report_Name accordingly


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@Carla_Marie_Barte I guess you’ll be needing to change the Save as Type to .xlsx as well :sweat_smile: Also there shouldn’t be Double Quotes in your text

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Yes I’m done doing that Thankyou @supermanPunch The other thing is I have a dispatcher and the performer but still i can’t pass my Level 3 assignment no. 2 :sob:

@Carla_Marie_Barte Is the Dispatcher and Performer Working properly? :sweat_smile:

Yes but I Don’t know what happen to the result is like this

How to Connect the Dispatcher and the Performer so that I can run it Once?

@Carla_Marie_Barte Can you Create a New Topic with the New Query you have? :sweat_smile: Maybe others can help as well

@Carla_Marie_Barte Publish your Performer process to the orchestrator, then add a “Start Job” activity in Dispatcher. So once dispatcher completes its job it’s going to invoke the performer.

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