Assignment 1 Level 3 - Process.xaml

Can someone help! getting error in process.xaml - Navigate to work Item, invoke workflow file.
PFA the error message, parameters passed to workflow & arguments


Could you please try to log System1_URL and in_WIID arguments value inside NavigateToWorkID file just before AttachBrowser activity.

This type of exception generally comes when you’re using any variable without initializing/defining a value in it.


Please try below steps and let me know if it addresses your issue -


Navigate to in argument “in_System1_URL”:


Invoke “System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails.xaml”. Here, provide value for the in_System1_URL as
value= in_Config(“System1_URL”).ToString+“work-items/”+in_TransactionItem(“WIID”).ToString

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@singhonkar @dhananjayk
Thanks for your help!
Still unable to clear the error in navigate_to_workitem


In the Config File for the URL, do you have a “/” at the end of the URL? If not, you may need to add one there as you are appending “work items/” or you could try appending “/work items/”.

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Have you tried writeline activity for logging of both input arguments to that xaml file.

Looking at your output window, couldn’t able to see those values.The entire navigate URL should be like this :slight_smile:

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Yes will try appending “/work items/”

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let me check @singhonkar

@tailz @singhonkar

URL ends with “/”
still error persists…control not passing to navigate_to_workitem.

  1. Error
  2. Process workflow with arg
  3. Navigate to next item workflow with arg

Hi @preeharris,

Based on your screenshot it’s showing object reference error,

Check the config did you created object, because I am seeing 2 configs are there.

Can you check on that



Can you send across the workflow file so I can see the logic?

The error you are getting suggests that WIID has no value.

Have you performed a data scrape and generated a data table from it then pulled out the value under the WIID column?


Still the error is being thrown


Please add two writeline activities before Invoking System1_Navigate_to_WIID_Workflow just to make ensure that these two arguments have any value or not.
If yes, then please share screenshot of output window. From there, we’ll be able to track down the issue.

Hi @preeharris,

Can you upload the xaml file so that I can check and update you.


in writeln before System1_navigate workflow getting error


This means that there is issue with system1_url key.
Can you please check once in your excel config file and verify the key name for this.

Is your login into this website working fine ??

Also, please share your main.xaml file. I’ll go through it and get back to you.

HI @preeharris,

Based on the screenshot “in_TransactionItem” data type is datarow,

make sure you are assigning the value. before passing,

i hope you have used same variable name in the variable tab as well as the argument name.

The first priority is goes to variable only.

please don’t use variable name and argument names are same


ok will check & update