Assignment 1 level 3 System_login issues

Can someone help me resolve this issue! Though parameters in config & System1_login are same!

InitAllApplications.xaml (7.3 KB)
System1_Login.xaml (16.3 KB)


just click on import argument where you call the workflow and pass the values in the arguments accordingly

Yes done.
Still exception is being thrown


First go to that invoked workflow and declare arguments and specify direction - In, Out or In/Out and save it.Then pass arguments to that workflow and make sure Argument datatype should be same.

you are passing arguments to system1_login workflow but there are no arguments created in system1_login workflow Can you try creating the arguments and then in initAllAplication Workflow, invoke workflow file activity import arguments give the required input

Please refer the image and let us know if this works

Pavan H


Please check the arguments you’ve used while invoking the workflow and arguments in the workflow are same and all arguments are binded correctly.

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