Assignment - Generate Yearly Report

I am stuck in assignment; getting orchestrator error, as it’s trial version cannot do orchestrator settings. Please help.

“Add queue item: Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started.”

@smita24 Do you have an Account in Orchestrator?


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Have you connected to your machine to Orchestrator or not ?

If not then do it first and then try again.

there are a few areas you might want to check

  1. do you have an orchestrator account?
  2. are your robots/devices connected to orchestrator?
  3. can you check your queues in orchestrator and then check your config file to make sure the value section of OrchestratorQueueName matches with your queue name in orchestrator?

Hi, Thanks for reply. It’s working now, i was doing some mistake.

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I am getting below errors in Level 3 assignment.
1) “in_Year” in null.
Code “”
Runtime – “”

2) “vendorTaxID” is giving (4.2 KB)

3) “System1_CreateYearlyReport” sequence is running separately, but file is getting downloaded to default download folder instead of “Data\Temp”.

System1_CreateYearlyReport and Error are attached for reference.

Please help.

Smita Dube