Orchestrator information is not available

I get this error when i execute ‘Get Transaction Item’ activity in UIPath Level 3 assessment 2 (Yearly Report ).
“Get Transaction Item: Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started.”

  1. My Robot is ‘Connected’ with the Orchestrator. i could see my Robot is ‘Available’ in Orchestrator too.
    2.Orchestrator Queue Name is matching with the one in the Config File.
    3.Checked the Input Arguements for ‘GetTransactionData’ .No Issues there as well.
    4.Published the ‘Performer’ in the Orchestrator and ran it from there. Still Didnt work.
    Tried all possibilities.
    I have attached screenshot too for more clarity.
    Can anyone suggest what can be the Issue? this is stopping me from getting the Certification.

Have you queue in orchestrator queues



Is that Robot machine connected with Orchestrator or not ? Once check Orchestrator settings under UiRobot system tray.

It is connected bro…Checked that too