Generate Yearly Report - Assignment -HELP!

Hello everyone,

I am facing an issue with submitting the Yearly Report assignment where I have been receiving a grade of 0/100 multiple times. While reviewing my robot’s process, I noticed that the comment section is not being completed fully, and is only showing “Uploaded with ID” instead of the correct value of “out_UploadID”.

I believe this might be causing the problem resulting in a grade of 0. I have tried modifying the code for “out_UploadID”, but the issue still persists even after running it multiple times.

I am reaching out for assistance to resolve this issue, and I would greatly appreciate any guidance or support that can be provided. Thank you in advance for your help.


First use a log message and check if you are getting the correct value…

And also you can try using .Replace method instead of length…also try using trim…may be the value is in nee line


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Actually yes I’m getting the correct value,

and I tried to run it again with the .Replace Method and the problem still persists. do you know what else might be the problem, please!!!

Sorry about this. he issue you identified with the comment section not showing the correct “out_UploadID” value definitely seems to be the culprit.

Here are some steps you can take to address this:

Check the Documentation: Review the official documentation for the assignment, specifically the section related to “out_UploadID” and the comment section. Ensure your code is correctly populating the comment section with the actual “out_UploadID” value.

Double-Check Your Code: Carefully examine your code for any errors related to assigning the “out_UploadID” value to the comment section. Look for typos, incorrect variable references, or logic issues that might be preventing the correct value from being displayed.

Test Thoroughly: After making any code modifications, run your program multiple times with different test data to ensure it consistently populates the comment section with the correct “out_UploadID” value.

Seek Help from the Platform: If the issue persists after checking the documentation and revising your code, reach out to the platform’s support team or community forum. Explain the problem you’re facing and provide details about the error message or behavior you’re observing. Someone familiar with the platform might be able to offer specific troubleshooting steps.

Consider Alternative Approaches: While resolving the “out_UploadID” issue is ideal, explore if there’s an alternative way to achieve the intended functionality. Can you modify the code to log the “out_UploadID” value elsewhere (like a separate file) for verification purposes?

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