Assignment 2 - I get 100 on the Acme Systems website but 0 on academy

Hey! I finished assignment 2 and I get 100/100 on the acme website but 0 on academy. Whats
going on here?

My email for academy and acme are the same and all tasks are complete. I get the below reason:

Email/Assignment Combo not found in ACME Systems. Make sure the robot has completed the items. Make sure you use the same email address in ACME as in the UiPath Academy

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I tried submitting it with both firefox and IE…no luck

I have the same problem too. I suspect it is a system problem because a few other people posted the same issue on this forum recently.

yes, i think it’s a system problem now even screen recording produces a 0 score


I reached out to uipath and they did tell me it was a system problem. They fixed the issue and I resubmitted and got 100/100

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