Level 3 Advanced Training - Assignment 1 Giving Zero marks

Hello all,

So far I’ve finally finished my assignment 1 in the Level 3 Advanced Training (Calculate Client Security Hash), but I don’t know why I’m constantly getting 0 marks even though I’ve done the following:

  • All WI5 Items are correctly tagged as Completed with their Hash in the Comments
  • Publishing it in Orchestrator and running it via Robot
  • Email address used should be the same between ACME and Orchestrator

What am I missing here?


Go to Evaluation assigment result and there you will find what erros you did it. Please help me with that and then we can help you better.

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Thanks for the reply!

I didn’t know I can click to get more details.
The error message I got is:
“Email/Assignment Combo not found in ACME Systems. Make sure the robot has completed the items. Make sure you use the same email address in ACME as in the UiPath Academy”

I’ve thus checked the ACME login and indeed it’s not the same email. I’ve fixed it and gotten the full marks after re-evaluation.

Thanks a lot!

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congrats buddy @Whenesday

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