Assignment-2 Dispatcher Workflow Problem

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While I am trying to test Dispatcher WorkFlow in Assignment-2, I have encountered a msg displaying “No more transactions to process” and execution stops. Can anyone pls help me to resolve this error. FYR, I have attached the screenshot.

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Try to run the process in a debug mode and check the workflow where the execution stops.?

Just to confirm, Do you have the data in the queue?

Rammohan B.

Did you initiate the value of in_transactionitem=1 @Prabu_visu

Hi Ram,

There is no data in the queue. And when I tried to run the process in debug mode, the execution ended after InitAllApplications Workflow. It is not entering into the GetTransactionData Seq.

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Hi Sreekanth,

In which workflow file ?. Can you please tell me somewhat elaborately.!

This means that GetTransactionData is not working properly. Please log message at the start and end of every workflow this will help you find the correct position of the fail

See that you have the data in “out_TransactionItem” as in_TransactionNumber.ToString which should be the page numbers

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Hi Prankurjoshi,

I have checked as per you told, the execution is not entering the IF statement in “GetTransactionData.xaml” . I have assigned “out_TransationItem = in_TransactionNumber.ToString”.
FYR, I have attached the screenshots.

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Okay your Attach Browser activity should be before the “if a new item is fetched…”. Not in the if condition that if condition is for logging purpose only

I hope this helps


Thanks dude. It is executing. And in “Element Exists Activity” i have edited the selector like this whether it is correct ? “<html app='chrome.exe' title='ACME System 1 - Work Items' /><webctrl aaname='+in_TransactionNumber+' tag='A' />”. I am trying to print the NextElementExists value in console and it is showing “False”

aaname=’"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"’ tag=‘LI’

Same problem it is showing “False” only. FYR, I have attached screenshot.

Try to find what is your in_TransactionNumber, Use write line or message box to see that it is having some value

in_TransactionNumber value is “1”, its default value.

are you sure about this selector? aaname=’"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"’

FYI, I have attached the screenshot.

Do not open the selector popup. While using dynamic selectors you just need to paste the code in the text box without opening the selector popup and the selector should be this -

webctrl aaname=’"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"’ tag=‘LI’

yes dude. For taking screenshot,only i have opened the popup.:sweat_smile:

But dude you are using Tag=“A” it should be “LI”, also when you are using a variable in selector it auotmatically suggests the options

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Thanks bro. Sorry I didnt notice the tags and now it shows True value. By the way can u pls explain me the difference b/w tag=‘A’ and tag=‘LI’.

Use UI Explorer to see the selectors for both