UiPath level 3 assignment 2, having issues due to Process finished due to no more transaction data

Good Day all,

Currently I am working on the dispatcher of assignment 2. Now after logging in to ACME and clicking on “work items” the process will close due to “Process finished due to no more transaction data”.

Any advice for me?

Thanks in advance!

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You should have some conditions and assignment going on here. Else, there will always be “no more processing data”.

If you follow closely (I did multiple times as well previously) the document walk-through, you should get what they meant in the docs.

Basically, you should assign out_TransactionItem to the current/next item to be process. If I remember correctly, it should be the next page.



I do have the if condition below, it is still not working.

Browser still closes automatically due to no more transaction data

Below is my feedback on your process:

  1. You need to follow the steps mentioned in the document.
  2. As per guidelines attachbrowser is the first step in the process GetTransactionData
  3. You dont need the condition thats already there for outTransactionItem, after moving your activities on top remove that if.

Make this change and your process should scrape and process further.


Thank you Nadim.

I have tried that method at the suggest of my colleague and it works!

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Great!. :slight_smile:
Make good progress.

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