Assignment 1 uipath


i am working on level 3 assignment 1. there was an one issue occur that was there is no GetAppCredential.xaml file into the framework

Hai @Venkatesh_K… Have u install credential package? Check the thread given below
After installing credential packages still no getappcredential

I have installed that package but still that problem is there

Did u try that link?

yes i did

but not work it

can i send the screen shot?

Yeah… Post ur queries in single reply🙏

Normaly each new Robotic Entreprise Reframework project you will find it under :point_down:

Project → Framework → GetAppCredentials.xaml…

If not, just open a new Robotic Entreprise Reframework project and copy it from there…

in start button there was only a robostic enterprise framework. there is no robostic enterprise Reframework

Install latest version of UiPath studio using … And Reinstall credential package