Assignment no.2 submit


So i finished my assignment everything works correctly but so i zipped my Full map with all the processes and config file and all that stuff in it but when i submit it i get 0 out of 100 what is wrong?


hey @BjrnUitenbroek
check how much score you have here and if it’s passed, if you passed and you has more than 75% then you passed. if not check your workflow, something is missing. if yes Just to submit take an screen shot exactly the below and submit that screenshot.


hi and thanks @fernando_zuluaga

nothing is missing everything is working perfeclty fine! i checked it using a yt video and it was fine but i still do not pass! ohh and i actually mean assignment no.1 sorry!


you are getting 0 correct items. it’s say to us you are having some mistakes in your workflow. Your are completing successful the items, but no one is correct


I guess some extra space is there at the time of entering client details into SHA site.

Could you please show me screenshot of how BOT entering client details into SHA. So that I can check and let you know.

Sure @lakshman

here is the argument in hash thats the value that it types in to SHA1
here is the process that types it in

And here the client information thats in the in_Hash



Trim each String variable to remove any extra spaces. It should be like this.


Thanks! okay testing it now

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@lakshman nope it still is not working still 0 correct! but thanks a lot!

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If you could record at the time BOT running and share me that video and so that I can check and help you.

@lakshman so wich process should i record the retrieve hash code? and how do i send you the vid cause its not supported


You can upload it into YouTube or Google drive and share me that video link.

okay @lakshman Thanks, here it is!

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It’s entering Client details wrongly in SHA site and because of that you got failed. And also one more thing in first iteration only I saw its entering Client details and in other iterations it entered client security hash directly.

It’s entering in below format.

       FY17206-Bradford Cleaver-: Romania

But it should be like this.

       FY17206-Bradford Cleaver-Romania

Thanks a lot @lakshman but how do i fix it cause i cant find the : that your are talking about



Once watch the video you shared with me and check it once.

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@lakshman already fixed it sorry! and Thanks!

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Does anybody know answer for
What is the order of precedence for parameters modification?