Advanced L3 assignment 1 , my evaluation

Hello , i have a question related to my evaluation for assignment number one in advanced course
Calculate Client Security Hash , I finished all requirements & robot automatically updated all WI5 to completed , but i got FAILED from evaluation with below statement ,
Total Items: 14 Completed Items: 14 Correct Items: 0
can you please guide me about issue ?


  1. Don’t reset ACME system Data until system evaluated your data.
  2. Don’t hard any values in the code and also don’t use any external file references
  3. Make sure you zip all related files and upload it.
  4. ACME system credentials should be stored in Orchestrator assets or windows credentials manager or in config.xlsx file. Don’t hard code credentials into the workflow directly.
  5. Make sure you use same credentials for both ACME systems and Academy site.

Thanks for your response
I followed your instructions…

Appreciate your support

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Did you check my evaluation please

@habouzied please check the hash value calculation part as per instructions in question once.

can you please mention what is exactly wrong
cause i revised the requirement , and i see that i extracted data for each client on required format
[clientID]-[ClientName]-[ClientCountry] , then i got hashcode correctly , then i updated again client data with generated hashcode , the only difference that i used different names of workflow files , is that issue ?
thanks for your usual & fast support


Before entering hash code, try to trim it and then enter it. And also record video of your BOT running and upload there along with zip file. May be it will help to complete the assignment.

I resubmit link with youtube video which explain my configuration , appreciate if you have a look into it

evaluation is failed again , can you please guide me on this issue , i did trim and code working perfectly as you can see in video
Total Items: 16 Completed Items: 16 Correct Items: 0


I can’t see that video and system will evaluate our process.

I sent YouTube link… On academy portal…

Below is link

@habouzied is there a space in the beginning of the hash code when you’re entering it to the comment section? if so try remove it and try a gain.

Many thanks…
It successful now

great :blush: