Assignment 1 level 3 execution is not performed

I can’t get to the page with the customer data. I put a “write line” above and it doesn’t even show me the window.
If I run it with debug, the value of the variables does not appear to me either.

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Try to pass the value in msgbox @anadipa

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he doesn’t show me anything either

did you check the “Local” tab when it hits the error?

Please, where?

I am trying to check the value of the WIID variable either after the assignment or in the System1_NavigateTo_Details workflow.
What sentence should I use?
I need to know what content this field has because the process stops in “Client Information Details”

u run ur program in debug, see ur left panel, find a tab called local

Yes, there is the panel but I don’t see the value of any variable.
Free screens

set a breakpoint at whereever you think there are errors. then run in debug mode and wait till ur program hits the breakpoint


Execution does not stop