Inquiry about Level 3 assignment 1

Hi all,

I have followed the steps mentioned in the walk-through of the assignment until page 10. When I tried to run the debug file, it display the following error:

“Open browser: Value does not fall within the expected range.”

Can anyone let me know where are the possible mistake that I have done?

Thank you.

Here is my workflow
Main.xaml (57.1 KB)

and the configuration file
Config.xlsx (20.7 KB)

What browser you are using?? Have you install UI path extensions on the browser??

Thanks for the reply.

I am using IE so no extension required.

Can you send me the xaml file where you are getting this error?

Dear anandji05,

Here is my file

Main.xaml (57.1 KB)

Thank you.

Please upload the complete the assignment. You’ve only uploaded the Main.xaml as such we won’t be able to open the Invoked workflows, particularly the System1_Login.xaml which is where the issue is most likely occurring.

Right now here are my possible causes for the issue:

  1. Invalid browser used, although as you’ve mentioned you’re using IE, so this is an unlikely cause.
  2. Most likely cause, is the argument used in the value for the URL in the open browser. Meaning that whichever argument you used (commonly System1_URL) was not configured properly.

Try uploading the entire assignment folder so that I can check properly.

Have a great day! :vulcan_salute:

Hi BenMar,

I have reply you via email.

Thank you.

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Good day @yong19, sorry for the late reply. I got a bit busy with work yesterday.
Anyway I was able to debug your process and found the cause of the issue.


  • Navigate to SHAH1_Open
  • Delete variable in_SHAH1_URL, you only need the the argument in_SHAH1_URL.
  • The reason for the issue: The workflow exeuction will take the variable over the argument first, as they both had the same name, but the variable in_SHAH1_URL had no value as the invoked SHAH1_Open will set the value in_Config(“in_SHAH1_URL”).ToString to the argument not the variable.

Give it a try and tell me how it goes.