L3 - Security Hash Assignment - Problem Passing WIID After Process.xaml Invoke

Good evening UiPath Forum. I have successfully passed the WIID value all the way to the point of the INVOKE of Process.xaml. Once the Process.xaml is invoked, the System1_NavigateTo_WIIDetails.xmal is invoked and the WIID value is null (0). I really could use your help in seeing where I missed aligning the argument.

The run produces this error in debug.


The WIID variable is null (0).


UiPath_REFrameWork_SecurityHash-09282019.zip (1.8 MB) WIID Breakpoint Checks.pdf (935.5 KB) UiPath_REFrameWork_SecurityHash-09282019.zip (1.8 MB)

and also let me correct you on how to troubleshoot this kind of errors.

Step 1. you know you have the activity that went haywired, no condition defined or not assigned to an instance of an object means your variables are null.

CHECK your variables or arguments output window at the faulted activity.

Step 2: think where you passed the specific arguments value from, in this case WIID originates from your process.xaml, here set a breakpoint on ur invoke navigate to widetails workflow (the activity where the error originated from). check your import arguments, check if its correct (u’ve done it). ok next run debugger here.

again, check your variables or arguments output window at the invoke activity breakpoint. what does that tell you? Null or not null? if null (or not null), then what can you infer? WIID does not originate from your process.xaml, then where can it come from? ask yourself these questions when u troubleshoot.

Step 3, you already know that when you set breakpoint on the first layer (the Main.xaml) your value is present.

combining the results and inference you get from step 2 and step 3, what can you tell?

its a good attempt at trying to troubleshoot from your previous problem. but you are kinda beating around the bush abit with ur troubleshooting method. always remember to use debugger with a mindset like this, Layer 3: navigate > invoke activity > Layer 2: Process.xaml > invoke activity > Layer 1: Main.xaml.

work your way up each layer, you will definitely find where the error exist.

Will do @MythicGold. Your guidance on the breakpoint usage has been huge. I appreciate it. I have been building it mostly in the opposite direction (as you saw) from what you just described. I’ll work that through.

To put it simply… if my error was a snake it would have bit me. I had entered an argument with that name in the very place I was to pass it. Basically I had setup the value as empty and nothing ever passed to it. If fixed that. Then I put the breakpoint on the faulted activity and found it. I will mark this one solved and tackle the next item.

Thanks again @MythicGold.

and dont forget, dont send ur workflow files here unless asked, just send the pdf on how you troubleshoot will do. in reality, unless i asked, otherwise please reframe from doing so coz the community doesnt like it. and also like i said, with that docs i was able to identify roughly where ur error is.

Sounds great. Thanks again.

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