Assignement 2 : Add queue item Faulted

send me a IM of your project zip

ok I send it

I see you have used the same reframework project which you have used for assignment1.
All the variables are empty in the binding and logic is for that assignment mostly.

Suggest you to create a fresh one or delete all the variables that are for assignment1

you mean Client ID, client name, client country, hashcode varaibles? Because I try without them and the problem remains

Thanks for sharing but if in case we have 3 queues in Orchestrator then do we need to put all the 3 names within the Queue Name ? could u please explain

That’s true @kartik_sareen , they are not necessary, it was previous test. So I deleted it but my problem remains.


These r the 3 queue items I have in Orchestrator…How shall I give the queue name …could u guide me a bit

image here

I don’t understand what do you mean @kartik_sareen. I know that I see CashIn, NotOnUsCheck and OnUsCheck somewhere but I don’t remember where exactly, but not in the pdf of assignement 2. The only queue item of assignement 2 is InHousse_Process4

this problem solved ?

@karges yes it is

i face a problem. am not sure exactly same like this but on similar lines.

any help ?

also please mark this thread as solved . :slight_smile:

I will respond on your post

Thanks a lot.

hello, i have problem in assignment 2 and the error is Error:Object reference not set to an instance of an object. i followed the steps as you told to @MigT but i stuck on this point can please help me.?

can you print the error in more details here?

Add queue item faulted

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you Queue name is incorrect…
Show me your queue name in orchestrator, how you have used in config and your addQueueItem properties.

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Hello here I am “Add Queue Item: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” error. Can anyone help?