AddQueueItem and LogMessage Faulted in Success SetTransactionStatus of assignement 2 (dispatcher)

Hello everyone,

My dispatcher run but at the end of the process in AddQueueItem and then in SetTransactionStatus - Success in LogMessage (as on the screenshot) it’s faulted and I don’t understand why. Indeed, in my config file I have a “LogMessage_Success”. So if you can help me to found what’s wrong to validate the dispatcher and run my performer.

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Disable this activity and run, if it runs successfully without this then there is an issue in Log Message what I dont think so.

If it still fails means problem is somewhere else.


Thanks @PrankurJoshi, I did it and it goes to Handle System error so doesn’t work from the addqueueitem

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So, you don’t know what could be the problem?

What exception it shows in the Output Pane?

System exception. Retry: 0. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Source: Invoke workflow file: Log Message

Can you please verify that it is clicking on every page and Scrapping the date.

Also check if it is adding items to Queue.


As you can see all pages of the DT is scraped (included the date):

But it didn’t add items to Queue:

Can you show what have you passed in Add Queue Item as collection

Sure, Here you are my collection of Add Queue Item:

Can you check that control is going into If condition


If you mean “write line” activities to control, yes i added and it’s going to “then” and when it’s on “Add Queue Item” it’s faulted so it doen’t to the next “write line” in “then”.

Ohkay its going that far then I believe it should be the queue name, can you please check you are connected to orchestrator and this queue name what you are fetching from config exists in orchestrator.

Give it a try instead of fetching from config directly write queue na e in quotes and make sure you are connected to orchestrator

It’s connected it’s sure

It’s better thanks. Indeed when I write the queue name between quote because it add in the queue in Orchestrator as you can see:

However in the “success” of “SetTransactionStatus”, the LogMessage faulted creating an exception:


Thats strange can you remove it and have a new log message fresh one.

Also dnt forget to clear queue every time you run dispatcher

I remove it and put a new log message and it’s remains. (I didn’t forgot to clear queue)

Do you want my dispatcher to check if you can see where is the problem?

Please PM me, I will have a look


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