Assign-Object reference not set to an instance of a object-URGENT

Hi @Nithinkrishna @ermanoj3101
Please help on this

Inside assign activity:-

ensure that the passed argument inout_dt… is not null and check the argument settings from the invoke workflow file activities and its variables.

You also can debug and check variables / arguments to locate the part where it is breaking

What are you trying to do? Your code is trying to set your variables to a function (NewRow). That’s not how you add a row to a DT.

Hi @mitul_choudhary,

I dont see variable drItemDetails created in screenshots.
In one screenshot, its name is drItemDetails and in another its inout_dtblItemdetails…

Which is the right one?


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47

drItemDetails is where error is showing in assign activity.

as far as screenshot is concerned inside assign in to it’s drItemDetails & in value it’s inout_dtblItemdetails

Please do following for us:

Put a breakpoint on (refer to image below) Assign

Debug and get paused
show us the Local panels (similar to the first screenshot) so we can if argument is null or not