Regarding Assign activity in REFramework

In Get Transaction Data, I am assigning “out_TransactionItem TO io_TransactionData.Rows(in_TransactionNumber-1)” where ‘out_TransactionItem’ is datarow variable and ‘io_TransactionData’ is datatable variable but it is throwing error " Object reference not set to an instance of an object",help me with this.

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Make sure in_TransactionNumber is of type integer … I hope it is missing… we need to mention index to assign the value from data table to data row

It is already of integer type, anything else you know what the problem is?

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It is working for me, I have declared the arguments same as yours,

Can you check the types again?

Hi @shivam_rao, if you have figured out the solution, could you please share it here, as I am also facing the same issue. Thanks!
Hi @HareeshMR, I have followed the steps which you have mentioned above, but still getting 'Object reference not set…". Please share if there is any workaround for this. Thanks!

The error states that, it gets null value when you are passing some value through the arguments or variables. Try giving a message box or write line to confirm if you are getting any value or not @harshayt