UiPath Assignment 1 problem

Hi Everyone,

The Assign activity as shown in the photo is returning the error Assign: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

What could be the root cause??

Thanks in adv.

Hello @ATO ,

This error came as Datatable is not initialised. Can you please check if you are correctly adding data to the datatable?


Hi @athira.somasekharan ,

Thanks for your prompt reply, I have created a variable and an argument for the extracted datatable. Am I doing it correctly?


I can see that you are using a variable called ExtractDataTable to store the data. Can you change that to your argument outExtractDatatable and try again? Also make sure you are passing this variable while invoking the other workflow where error is happening.


Thanks for your prompt reply again, @athira.somasekharan

I had changed the output to the argument and ran the debug, the error is still exists.

I really have no clue if I had missed out any connection in between. Are you able to check my workfile?

Main.xaml (73.6 KB)

Hi, can you zip and send the whole folder as it contains only main and not other workflows?

Hi @athira.somasekharan

Sorry, I have attached the zip file for your reference.

Calculate Client Security Hash 2022.zip (2.2 MB)

Hello @ATO ,

In Main → Initialisation → ACME Extract all data you haven’t assigned any variable to the argument. Inorder to store the Argument value, we have to assign that to a variable while invoking the workflow.

Similarly, in Main → Initialisation → While invoking ACME Extract all data work flow also, you have to click on import arguments and pass the variable which you are using in the very next step.

Please do these changes and try again.