Assign a particular Machine to particular Robot

Hello, please help me to understand:

Let’s say I have 2 Machines (A and B) and 2 Licenced Unattended Floating Robots (rA and rB).

Robot rA should work only on machine A, robot rB only on machine B.

But when scheduling a job for any user it appears that robot rA sometimes wants to use machine B and vice versa.

How to prevent that? Because settings for robot rA are not configured on machine B.


Usually it works in that way only

  1. Create a standard machine template
  2. Copy the machine
  3. Go to your machine and open robot assistant
  4. Mention the specific machine key and connect

So the mentioned machine key will access only that robot

Anyhow we can mention the specific machine where it has to run all time

check this doc

Cheers @NotFranmax

Thank You @Palaniyappan

Article about User Machine Mappings helped, but not enough.

According to this I should be able to map particular machine to particular user, but in my case this option is gone:

Also I would like to add that:

In my case there is no such option at all. But Modern Folders are enabled