Fixing a user to a specific Machine in Modern Folders


Is it possible to fix a particular user to a specific physical or virtual machine when using Modern Folders?

The scenario I’d like to achieve is when allocated a job, user1 will only ever execute on machine1 and user2 will only ever execute on machine 2.

The reason for this is I want granular control over the access each user has and the applications installed on each machine but if I’m unable to find out how to specify which user runs on which machine it feels like I need to give every user the same access to all machines and install every application that is required for every process on all machines.

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Modern folder are made to work with Active Directory environments. To achieve what you need you could create separate folders for each machine and define only one user-robot for these folders.

Thanks for coming back to me @Pablito. What you suggest will achieve the end result but requires multiple folders to do so, so it’s probably easier to stick with a Classic folder for processes requiring machines and users that need non standard set ups.

In a modern folder with floating unattended bots, how does Orchestrator work out which machine to execute the process on once you select the user?

You can define separate templates and connect particular robots to the template you need with it’s machine key.

Hi @Pablito,

I get connecting the robots with a machine key but when you execute the process you specify a user not a robot or a machine. What I can’t work out is once I have allocated a process to run under a particular user, how does Orchestrator decide which robot or machine to launch and execute the process on.

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Yes you’re right :smiley: By robots I meant “users”. I’m still trying to fix my mind and switch thinking to modern folders way :laughing:

This might help you. So when you will go on the top and select tenant (inside Orchestrator panel). You will have possibility to create the folders. Look that you can create sub-folders. Like this:

So what I meant is than you can divide processes for a separate sub-folders where each of it will have other machines attached. Then you can add for example two users to each of the sub-folder and you will know that if you will select the process which is in folder #2 it will run on machine which is part of folder #2.

Hopefully this make sense for you :slight_smile:
I know it requires folder creation etc, but as it’s a step forward to work with AD you can look at this from similar perspective where users can be divided by groups and groups can be divided by OU’s in Active Directory.

Thanks @Pablito. Like you I’m struggling to get my head round the new paradigm. I understand what you’ve explained re using the folder structure to segregate the machines and users and get the benefit of AD integration. Last thing is really just is in the Modern Folders once I have allocated a process to run under a particular user, how does Orchestrator decide which robot or machine to launch and execute the process on.

I talked to our devs to be super sure. And for this kind of deployment a heartbeat of the servers/computers on which Robot is installed determine which will take the job first.

Thanks for supporting on this @Pablito.

I guess the best solution and one which leverages the benefits of AD integration is multiple folders.

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