Trigger an unattended robot to a specific machine

hi all, I can’t find the functionality within a time trigger to specify the machine on which to run it.

On start job this feature is there, is it possible?

Hi @Kumar802

You can pick the Machine & user both in triggers itself.please have look at below image

Or else you can select it in Start Job also.


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In trigger i just have the machine template selection, not the single machine, unfortunately.

With start job yes, i’ve this option. But my objective is to force a single robot into a specific machine connected to a machine template

Hi @Kumar802
Try by changing machine type from machine template to standard machine and you can run the bot into a specific machine by providing respective credentials.

First, you need to enable the account-machine mappings in your Tenant Settings.

In the Tenant → Machines → Edit the Machine Template → in the Account-Machine Mappings → specify the account/robot that can use that Machine template

In the trigger, you can specify the correct Machine/Hostname/Account or all of them.

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I followed all the steps but at the time I create a trigger I don’t come up with the selection of the specific machine.

if it helps, I’m on orchestrator on prem

see the image
set the name of the trigger followed by process name
automatically credential will appear which i have shown you in green box

Depends on the version of your Orchestrator (in 2022.10.2 that is present).

i’ve the orchestrator 2021.10.1, can you confirm that this is the problem?

Thank you

Show us this config page in your Orchestrator

Are you using Modern Folders?

That time trigger is in a Modern Folder?