Assets in RE Framework


I am trying to design a workflow in RE Framework. I am new to it and want to know how to store/create assets of the credential type in config file. how to insert username and password in config file assets?
Is there any format or command to follow? if there is any screen shot of it can someone please share it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, if you want to use the config file for this, you will need to create two separate variables, one for the user and other for the password.

how can i create it ? can tyou show what to insert in name column and assets column?

If you want to use Assets instead, then you need to create them in Orchestrator and in the excel you will put in the Name, what you will want to use in your project and in Asset, the name of the asset you created in Orchestrator.

Hi @tanvee - You can follow below steps :

  1. Create credential type Asset in Orchestrator and give a meaningful name to it like if the credentials are for SAP login then you can name something like credSAPLogin.
  2. In your config file, you can have a row for SAL Login and value of this key should be asset name (from step 1).
  3. Read the config file and either store this Asset name in variable or can directly use the datarow and pass the same as input to “Get Credential” activity.

Hope this helps.