How to declare Asset in Config

So I declared the SAP credentials like this for one of the process in the constants sheet in the Config:

I am trying to write it into the Assets sheet, but I am getting an error:

What I am doing wrong? Please explain.

If I write it this way,


Hi @Rachita_Chauhan

The asset sheet only accept assets different than Credential type. Please check if the SAPCredentials asset is one of the following ones: Text, Bool or Integer.

The assets on the on that sheet are get using GetAsset activity and any attempt to get a credential asset type will end on the error you shown.

Hope that works for you!


Although the Assets sheet can be used only for Text, Bool and Integer, It cannot be used for assets of the type credential, since credentials have two values username and password.


Hope this will help you

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Hi Rachita_Chauhan,

I suggest to write SAPCredentials in the Settings Sheet instead of Constants.

I assume that SAPCredentials in your orchestrator is Credential type.

You should only write in Asset Sheet to get assets from orchestrator if they are text, boolean, or integer types.

Then, make sure you passing the credential by assigning in_credential as Config(“SAPCredentials”).ToString in GetAppCredentials.xaml.

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Kah Liang

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