How to enter credentials in Config.xlsx file

I dont know how to enter username and password for the website to login in Config.xlsx file

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Hi , Just make two columns , for first column make the header as Username and for second column make the header as Password . Below the headers mention the username and password . save that file.

Now Use “Excel Application Scope” Activity in the sequence and inside that use “Read Range” activity to read the username and password
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I am using config file in RE framework.

Can you show me the screen shot how you would do it?

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Hi @Prasad_Kulkarni,

  1. Create an Asset of type “Credential” on Orchestrator
  2. In the “Settings” sheet in the config file , add a new row with name as “Web_Cred” and value as the name of the asset you created in orchestrator
  3. In you login workflow, invoke the “GetAppCredentials.xaml” from Framework Folder and pass “in_Config(“Web_Cred”).ToString” to in_Credential argument
  4. You will get the username and password from the out arguments of “GetAppCredentials.xaml”




I presume you are trying to pass the credentials to the GetAppCredential sequence.

For this please use the “Settings” tab in the config file where you specify:
Name - This will be the key that will be passed
Value The name of the asset in Orchestrator which holds the credentials (Basically create an asset of Type Credential in the Orchestrator and store the user name and password there.)

When you are passing the argument to the GetAppCredential it would be ConfigVariableName(“Name you have specified”).ToString