Assets for an Attended Robot

Hi, I have a situation with a client using attended robot. The workflow needs to log into a client website using a username and password. How can I automate this process without an Orchestrator(I can not not use the Get Credentials option from Assets in Orchestrator).

Do I make the automated process ask the client to enter the username and password before the automation proceeds further or is there a workaround this? The problem in this approach is that the RPA Developer will know the username and password during the development phase of the automation and the client wants to keep this info confidential…

The client is not willing to buy an Orchestrator at the moment and wants to scale up first.

All suggestions will be welcome.

The credentials can be stored in the Windows Credentials manager. So no need to enter manually.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. The client does not want the developer to know the username and password for access to the application. The developer can only use the application after login for automation.

How do I work with this situation?

Thanks in advance.

The credentials stored in the windows credential manager can’t be viewed by anyone.
They have to just read the username and password (secured string - encrypted) in the workflow using Get Credentials Activity.

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