Orchestrator credentials, Credentials or Get password (Get IMAP Mail)


I have to build a demo robot for a client/company that doesn’t use RPA yet.
The robot needs to be created with the ReFramework, has to be attended and I don’t think I need to work with Queue.(?)
It is only for reading the incomming mails and sort/sent them to other mailboxes.

My question is:
What is the best “credentials” solution for the company, according to safety and ease of use?
Asset, windows, or Get password activity?

I don’t know the difference between them. :flushed:
This is my first time creating a robot without the UiPath academy (walkthrough)
and it is more difficult then I thought. :blush: :woman_facepalming:
Please help, mi amigos :grin: :pray:


@E_lanotte, Hi

Both Orchestrator assets and windows credential are recommended, however since the robot is Attended, you can allow the bot to prompt the user to type in the password and username if that’s what your client prefers.

Good luck on your first project… :smiley:


Thank you for the quick responding!

For the moment I only received test inboxes to practice the Demo with webmail.
In the real situation, the company will use their own inbox.
I hope this is not a problem when using asset credential in orchestrator?
And the windows credentials, work on other computers too?

These are probably stupid questions :blush:
I’m sorry for not speaking the RPA language yet, and my RPA thinking patterns are still…loading… :sweat_smile:


Hey no worries at all, thats how we learn, by asking questions. It is kind of difficult for me to give you advice not knowing the entire process and the operations of the organization but what i know for sure the Orchestrator Assets would always be your best option, because it is on the orchestrator where your robot connects to. even if you change computers, you just need to create the new machine on orchestrator and connect your robot to it.


@E_lanotte, so how are you doing it, is your robot logging in like a human being by clicking and typing the password and username or are you using IMAP to retrieve mails.

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Thank you for the info!
I’m using IMAP and Orchestrator credentials, I want to be sure it works on other computers! :upside_down_face:

But now I do not find the solution to filter/sort the emails (with keywords CSV)
and especially the pdf attachments that I have saved in a folder.

I have a list of keywords stored in CSV, for searching/filtering the Invoices .
And another list of keywords stored in CSV for searching/filtering the Reminders.

(I don’t know how/where to use them) :neutral_face: I never used keywords before,
and I cannot find any solution online (that I understand) :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :exploding_head: :scream:

@E_lanotte, okay so the keyword “CSV”, is that included in the subject of the email or the email attachments are CSV,s.

if the keyword CSV is included in the subject line you can use an if activity and say something like mailSubject.Contains(“CSV”) and then use a save mail attachment activity. then you will read the CSV file and then filter your reminders. let me know if you need further assistance in this.

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Thank you!

I’ve created two CSV files:

  • A list with the synonyms/keywords for invoices,
  • A list with the synonyms/keywords for reminders.

The difficult thing is that I have to sort all PDF files based on those two synonyms lists,
but I should also check the emails because there are emails with no attachments, which are also reminder or invoice, so I have to sort them and send them to the correct mail address too.
Also, those keywords that I have to search are not always in the subject of the emails. They are sometimes in the body. I don’t know if there is a way to check the full mail and attachments. :thinking:
Or I need to use the “if/else” every time?


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