Need to pass password values from Orchestrator to Workflow

Hi All,

I have a basic issue here. I have a workflow that reads PDF file and uses screen relative to fetch a PO# from an invoice. I am invoking this workflow from a Attended Robot. However when I have published the workflow to the orchestrator the get password values have been wiped off. I want the password values to be fetched from Robot to my workflow while using the attended bot so that I can login into the system to load the invoices. Is there a way this can be achieved?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @abhisde,

If my understanding is correct, Orchestrator Asset Credentials in conjonction with GetCredential activity might be what you’re looking for.

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Hi msan,

Does this work for running the BOT in attended mode too. I am manually executing the process for reading PDFs. I will give this a try and update you with my findings.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @abhisde

It should work on attended mode as long as your robot can reach your Orchestrator. You might find useful to read How to protect passwords and ids? for a broader view about password management.

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