Assets are not retrieving values from Orchestrator


I added some assets into the orchestrator, however the value cannot be found in UiPath studio.
Here are some info about the issue:

  • There are two “Ui” icon in my system tray, one of the grayed out!
  • There are 2 folders in my organization and I only have access to one of them. The assets are in the folder that I have access to
  • The robot was added when there was only one folder in my organization
  • I am receiving this error in UiPath Studio: “Get Asset: Could not find an asset with this name. Error code: 1002”

I am not sure whether it is related to my folder access? If it related how I can fix it?

Appreciate if someone can help me!

Hello @Peyman,
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Check this example


Thanks Raj for coming back to me. I already watched this video and most of the Manish Pandey’s videos and couldn’t find a solution for this issue.
Everything looks completely OK and I cannot understand why I am receiving this error! The only thing that I can think of is about access issue for folders!
Also not sure whether it is related to having 2 "Ui"s icons in my system tray!

Check with your installation

Thanks @Swagasmini_Jena
Can you be more specific? What exactly needs to be checked?

@Peyman - your issue could be multiple registration with orchestrators…

  • how many versions of uipath’s installed?
  • disconnect & delete your machines / robots registration with all orchestrators
  • can you navigate to add remove programs and uninstall all versions of uipath
  • navigate to and download the community edition and install
  • configure your machine, robot with orchestrator
  • add new asset and verify

Thanks @GBK

I am using enterprise licenced version.
There are some limitations to my access. I cannot install it again as it is under our domain admin users.

I just noticed in UiPath Studio status bar that it only connected to “Default” folder!
Anybody knows how I can add the other folder that I have access to?
As you can see in the first screenshot that I put in my question above I only have access to “GTF Folder”


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@Peyman - Default is common for Enterprise Edition. however it will get assets during the runtime…

  • in orchestrator- pls navigate change the folder to Default folder, creator the new asset and verify…

I think I found the reason!
Related folder URL needs to be added in “Manage Resources” section and the folder type should be “Modern” and not “Classic”
This is the guide that I found in UiPath help.
Thanks all for helping and replying



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