As a BA, Should I know how to create a process for my project?


I am an inspiring RPA BA and have been doing self-study using UiPath and just completed certification of RPA Business Analyst.

As a BA, Should I know how to create a sequence or a flow chart for my project? Or it is the developer’s responsibility to create one?

How much BA has to contribute during the development phase?

Thanks in advance!!


Hi @Preet,

My reply is based on my extensive experience in enterprise software projects, not specifically limited to RPA projects.

In my experience, if a person is playing the role of BA in a traditional project where there are other people that are playing the role of developers, nobody would expect the BA to use UiPath Studio to create a project, sequence, or flowchart. That is the responsibility of the developer. A similar situation would happen in a standard software development project: the BA would not be expected to write code, or create a project within the source code management system.

If a BA has the additional technical know-how to be able to do these things, it may help the overall endeavor, easing the communication between the BA and developers.

Now, for smaller projects where there are less project team members, it may be that the same person plays the role of both BA and developer. In that case, the person would have to know how to deliver on the responsibilities of both roles.

Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot JPG for your response!

As per my understanding, RPA projects lasts up to 3 months only which means things will be done rapidly. Also, there’s always a developer in these projects. But I am not sure how much technical stuff has to be done by BA.