Project Timeline

Hi all.

I need tips for coming up with a more realistic timeline for an RPA Project so far i seem to always shoot myself in the foot. What is the safest way of deciding and coming up with a timeline in a way that favours everyone, the Client and the Dev…

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Hi @SenzoD,

That depends on the process and the target systems.

Basic estimation should fall under this timeline, this should be agreed with the customer.


Factors that impact the development/deployment timeline are,

  1. Requirement Gathering
  2. Solution Design
  3. Development
  4. UAT
  5. Deployment and Hypercare

so we need to be careful on each phase of the development life cycle.


Basically time lines are defined as normal project time lines. Perhaps, it is difficult to estimate RPA project time lines in practical.

However, each process need to divide as 3 categories.
Simple, Medium and Complex.

  1. Simple: If any process touch 1 page and less than 10 -20 clicks it will be considered as a simple process. Which is required 1 person man day.
  2. Medium: If any process touch between 2-4 pages less than 20-40 clicks. It will be considered as a medium process. which is required 2 person man days.
  3. Complex: If any process touch more than 5 pages and more than 50 clicks. it will be considered as a Complex process. Which will need to divide small modules and define time lines as per above 1 and 2 categories.

Hope my inputs are useful.