Suggestions for Project to take up UiPath at University

Hi guys.
I’m taking my masters within the field of Autonomous Systems and in January I am to do a special course for 5 ECTS points, equivalent to 125-150 hours and want to use the time to learn UiPath.

In order for the Head of Studies to approve it, I would need to list some learning objectives.

As I am a complete rookie with the software, I would of course spend a portion of the available time to familiarize with the software, but I would imagine that the Head of Studies also would want me to do a project, i.e. show the capability of my learnings.

  • What are your initial thought on this?

  • Can you suggest any projects that may be in the range of ~80 hours?

Hope you can help me with some clarity…

typical project scopes

  • accounting excel
  • SAP processes, inventory, warehouse stocks, purchasing production sales, etc.
  • Data Scraping

if you want something extra interesting, maybe tackle some areas that was still new to RPA, then maybe you can try checking the use cases for RPA below

normally i would suggest you to avoid RPA for projects because there is less scope you can do with without company software support. But one area you might want to try out (which i havent seen many company trying to do) is to use RPA for shortlisting candidates for company recruitment.

as i am still a newbie in this sector and am still young, take my advice above with a grain of salt.

also, to familiarize yourself with the software, recommend u to attempt at least level 1 to 3 on UiPath Academy.