Does UML is nessary?

I’m sorry for such stupid question but my supervisor ask me to create the UML for the previous project.

I’m confusing that whether it need UML for flowchart or not since the UiPATH project already has a flowchart while we were completing the project.

Or does anyone make any else diagram for the project
I would like to know everyone’s style when develop the project.


Though it gets created while we build the process, it’s always good to have the process flow diagram separately too w.r.t Business.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I agree your point and also believe the process flow is necessary.

Sorry I forgot to explain more detail about the situation…

I totally agree that the flow diagram is necessary and important to help us create it.
But I think it has to be done before building stage.
And my team didn’t know the regular process about the project from 0 to 100.
During that time, they asked for speed and without enough labor force, therefore, they just push the project finish asap without flow diagram.

After we finished the project, then they ask for a flow diagram.
That’s the reason I thought why I can’t just use the flowchart from UiPATH instead of making a new flow diagram.

In general scenario, first you need to know the business requirements then only you can prepare the design and then you start the build. You can ask for a BA consultant he will create the flow chart and do RA sessions… which makes it all easier before we start the build. Hence you can estimate the efforts and so on.

The better you organize the best you achieve.

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Thank you for your suggestion, right now I have no choice but working on BA role, trying to prepare flow and other requirement document in order to start the next project. Hope it can help the next project move smoothly.

Thank you for your comments!

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