Want live project use cases

Hi All,

Currently I am learning UiPath and I want to do some projects , please share me project details, after that I will build and submitted.

or else please let me, where will i get the project details ? please help on this :pray:

Have you done the free training on the UiPath Academy web site? There are projects the training has you build.

If you did not develop end to end process then do these two processes. Where you will cover all the course material which is mentioned in RPA Foundation and RPA Advanced Course.
Here is the link of full course:


→ BRD Document for processes:
Generate Yearly Report - Process Design Document.pdf (649.5 KB)
Calculate Client Security Hash - Process Design Document (1).pdf (371.4 KB)

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okay, I will check and Update, thank You so much Your Reply.

okay, i will watch and Let You, Thank You so much Your Reply.