Arguments not visible when testing activity

Hello! We recently upgraded to UiPath 2020.10.4.

After that I keep having problems with the Locals Panel. Sometimes, the variables are simply blanked out and an error is thrown. This happens when the workflows are a bit more complicated.

But the main problem is that the arguments disappear from the locals panel as soon as test activity is started.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a workflow with some arguments and variables
  • But a break point at the beginning
  • Right click to “Test activity”
  • You will see the arguments
  • Push continue to start the code
  • At the breakpoint, the arguments are gone

I recon it can be a difference between “Test activity” and “Run in debug mode”. But I do not want to debug the main.xaml, I want to debug another part of the program. Should I right click the workflow I want to test and do a “Set as Main”? Do that back and forth some times, depending on where I want to start? Or what are your ideas about the debug process? I think we are working in different ways.

Hi @mari.svh,
Are you able to record a screen capture of what you are saying? I would like to make sure that I understand it the right way.

@mari.svh thanks for reporting. We replicated the behaviour internally.

Meanwhile you can use Watch and Immediate panels to view the values for the existing arguments.